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About Us

 We are a Faith Driven small business creating skincare essentials that infuse your daily routine with moments of peace that point to the God who brings ultimate peace.

As a certified skincare formulator and herbalist, I enjoy creating specialty items utilizing ingredients we grow on our farm. Our products are formulated to help nourish and restore your skin while offering busy moms a peaceful retreat while they bathe.

For years I struggled with dry and damaged skin but thought it was totally normal. It wasn't until I started learning some old-fashioned skills for our future off-grid homestead that I stumbled into soap making. After using the soap I created, my skin showed a drastic change in overall health. 

As a busy homeschool mom, I often found myself slinking off to the bathroom for a few seconds of silence during the day. Does anyone relate? I could pick up a bar of soap or lotion and just inhale its fragrant scent and found myself relaxing amid chaos.

God has put it on my heart to help other moms. Moms who are exhausted, mentally stressed, and just running ragged. With encouraging verses from His word on every product paired with skin-nourishing ingredients and mentally relaxing scents, we hope to offer you a few minutes of peaceful retreat while you bathe.