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Goat Milk & Tallow Soap

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I was very pleasantly surprised with this soap. I love the gentle ways both to my sense of smell and on my skin. This will now be a favorite of mine!


I have always wanted to try tallow balm. I’m so glad I bought this one, it is amazing! The scent is perfection. And it is so ultra moisturizing without being heavy and greasy. My husband has terrible dry skin on his face and one use of this tallow balm made a huge difference. I like it for my winter dry skin in general, it has been such a treat!

Rachel H

The Goat Milk lotion is fantastic, thick, creamy, leaves my skin hydrated for a long while, a little goes a long way and it smells amazing.


This soap makes my skin feel soft and clean. I love it.


I love love love the tallow balm !! Leaves my skin feeling sooo moisturized and soft, a little goes a long way 🙌 The scent is very soothing.

Cristina G