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Do bubbles equal clean?

When most people think of soap, they think of big fluffy bubbles But, do bubbles equal clean? Not always! 

Suds don't equal cleaning power, but a lot of people think they do. On a psychological level people like to see something happening, but all you're seeing is soap molecules trapping air in spherical pockets. Trapped air in pockets doesn't always clean. The soap molecules in the water are what's cleaning. 

If you have ever used our soap you will notice you don’t get many bubbles. Instead, you get a creamy lotion-like lather. That’s due to a few different components. The first is goat milk. Goat milk has extra fats that provide nourishment to your soap and inhibits the large bubbles. Also, our soaps have a high amount of olive oil and shea butter. Both of these will produce a very creamy and lotion-like lather. 

Despite the creamy look and feel our soaps do an excellent job and cleaning without being overly stripping and drying to the skin. 


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