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Our Soap Seconds & Closeout sale is a great way to stock up or simply try our soaps at a discounted price. 

50% off our normal price, our seconds are just as luxurious as our mainline products. They may have visual imperfections such as color or texture being off, accidently cut smaller than we would like, or closeout items from previous batches. They are perfectuly usable soaps.

Please note that these soaps will be sold "naked" without any packaging. They likely wont have the nice rounded edges our mainline soap have. 

All sales are final

Customer Reviews

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Marie McNutt
Just as good as 1sts

I saw no difference in the 2nds as far a performance is concerned and very little difference in the looks. I have some of the soaps out for looks, but let’s face facts, we buy soap to use, so after the first use it’s ‘flawed’ so seconds have a minute flaw? It sure doesn’t matter to me! I love Bath Nutts products! They are second to none!

John Torppey
Great deal!

Can’t even remember which kind it was, but I love my new soap! As long as I’m buying it for me, I’ll take the imperfect one at half price any day.

Wendy Lopez
Great product!

My husband and son love the bar soaps, they want nothing else but Bath Nutts soaps. I love all the Bath Nutt products that I have tried. I only buy natural products and these are the best. I completely trust this small business.